Indian Cricketers FaceApp Challenge: This is How Indian Team looks using face app filter

Nowadays, a new app is trending on social media platforms which allows people to transform their appearances with just a filter. FaceApp is an app that lets people know what they may look like when they’re older. FaceApp is an app created by a Russian originated company. In just the last week, over 150 million people have used the app. From celebrities to youth to even sports stars, the app has been tried on any and everyone around the world.  Users are going crazy about this app as they are curious about how would they look from 20or 30 years from now.

Indian cricket fans were curious about how their favorite cricketer will look like when they are aged and after using face app on their faces the results are hilarious. Indian fans were bit disappointed by World Cup loss in the semi-finals against New Zealand but this new social media trend of face app has helped Indian fans to overcome the disappointment from the loss.

After watching that face app challenge on Indian Cricketers was appreciated strongly, many fans got excited and lost their calm and joined the party with more such funny creations. The Faceapp is viral all over the world and Indians are also showing great interest and concern about how they will look from 20 years from now.

Indian Spinner Yuzvendra Chahal has also tried this filter and shared on social media with a caption ” Old is Gold 😂 #2060 “.

He was looking like Suresh Oberoi as many people commented Suresh Oberoi in his post.

However, Faceapp is facing some controversies as the app may share User Content and your information. And is facing the public issue of sharing and selling private information of its users to other companies as they are not restricted to keep its user data private to themselves.

The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices, but this is not a free app. After three days of trial, the user has to pay to use the app on iOS. In India, the app costs Rs 1,699 on a yearly subscription basis.

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